Staff Advantage

Real people working for you.

At arhome, we equip our agents with the most advatageous asset: TIME. We have full-time live staff at your service, working hard to take care of all your admin needs, paperwork and time-consuming tasks.

Our staff takes care of you.

  • Listing management from data inputting to status monitors, your MLS work is fully taken care of.

  • Document review by our staff, so all your paperwork is always complete and accurate throughout your transactions.

  • Showing management for all your listings - our staff contacts your clients for confirmations and sends everyone real-time updates.

  • Professional front desk accepts Earnest Money with receipts, greets your clients, takes live office phone calls on your behalf.

  • Personal admin tasks are all covered - signs ordered, files prepared, calls and messages routed.

  • Custom Social Media posts for your listing, including videos and branded tours with your name and picture.

  • Closing statements fully prepared, commission checks cut, W9's handled - you don't do a thing.

  • Agent commission checks prepared while you wait - no long turnaround times for your earnings.

  • Questions answered by real people, every time. Don't know which form to use? Need help filling it out? Not sure how to handle a tricky client request? Our staff is here to answer every question and solve you and your client's requests the best way possible.

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