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we make it easy for you.

arhome realty is focused on equipping you with the best tech in today's industry. There are thousands of apps, tools and programs on the market - we've done the research for you and picked the best tools to make you successful.

go digital with us.

  • High-tech office with HD Flatscreens, personal charging stations, webcams, converters, tripods available for use

  • Live-streamed office classes available for remote participating in classes or later viewing

  • Digital lead generation + auto rotation with app CRM access

  • Fully integrated CRM for client management, drip email campaigns and lead organization

  • Digital marketing is #1, with personal agent advertising at the top of our agenda

  • Free branded social media listing posts made for you with your photo and contact info

  • Digital marketing training new classes every week with ideas and how to make it possible

  • Private agent-only Facebook group for virtual connections every day

  • Personal agent websites available and made for you

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