our technology model:

more than a tool. it's a whole vision.

arhome's technology base is more than just an app or tool. Our entire office, vision and business concept is built with the most cutting-edge tools, systems and networks in mind all while keeping your commission as high as possible. From fully customized one-click social media, to in-office tech equipment, we want you to feel totally comfortable walking into the digital future.

That also means we'll never force you to use an app, program, or system that doesn't work for you. We're here to support you, if that means you're the pen and paper type or 100% paperless. Whatever your style, we keep you productive, efficient, and on top of the industry.

next level digital marketing.

You've built your page. Now what?

Our digital marketing initiative goes beyond cookie-cutter posts. We host extensive training on social media theory and how to build your online presence to actually capture leads. From tutorials to advanced theory and sponsored ads, new classes are released and taught by certified real estate marketing specialists live every month.

we make it easy for you.

Learn about how we incorporate technology on the daily.

  • high-tech office space. Our space is large and versatile for all your needs. Meeting rooms offer HD screens with desktop stations and laptop connections. A centralized printing/scanning network, charging stations, webcams, converters, remote tripods are all available for you 24/7.

  • live-streamed class network. Come to our classes in person, watch live-stream in real time, or review the recorded webinar on your own time. Whatever your style, we'll help you participate.

  • digital lead generation. Our cutting-edge website has built-in auto rotation for leads delivered directly to your inbox, with app CRM access.

  • fully integrated CRM. Use our back end app for client management, drip email campaigns and lead organization.

  • branded social media. It's better than a tool - we'll make it for you, and you don't even have to ask.

  • private agents facebook group. Connect with all your colleagues virtually, watch and discuss live-streams in real time and get live updates and tips on a platform you already know.

  • personal agent pages. All agents get a built-out personal page to showcase your bio, listings and more. Your photo sits next to all your listings on individual property pages. Personal agent websites with exclusive search + lead generation available.

  • back-end document review. No complicated uploading systems to worry about. We take care of and organize all document review for you, personally.

  • e-signature. We offer contract e-signature options to fit your preferences.

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