buyers: don't do this alone.

hiring the right agent can change your whole buying experience.

A good buyer's agent is someone who both really knows the market and really cares that you navigate it well. It's an important combination of a trained, experienced professional who fights for your best, and an attentive personal guide who takes the time to listen to your needs. You'll want someone who...

  • Helps you notice the right things or red flags in the homes you look at
  • Understands the complexity of property values and which homes are worth their price
  • Knows how the market is moving and advises on the right offer terms
  • Knows which forms to fill out to place an offer, and which legally required documents to include with it
  • Is trained at negotiating for your benefit -- whether you're trying to win a bidding war or get a discount
  • Shields you from the stress of working through a tough market
  • Knows what to do with your documents after they're signed 
  • Sets up and oversees property inspections, municipal transfer requirements and transaction timelines 
  • Guides you on all the steps from offer to closing

At arhome, we're on a mission to make your buying experience a professional and personal one. Because your real estate agent should be sharp, experienced, and personally dedicated to you.  Talk to us and see the difference.

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