the arhome listing difference.

How you go about selling your property can really impact how much money ends up in your pocket when all is said and done. At arhome realty, we take a fresh, top tech and marketing approach to your home sale, as you would expect; but more than that we go above and beyond with our expert staging and review to prepare your home for its absolute top-dollar sale. Things like marketing price, time on the market, and staging can have a tremendous effect on how much you sell your property for. It makes a huge difference in your earnings.

At arhome, we price, prepare, stage, and market your property for the highest sale price. We don't do the same thing for every property — since every home is unique, arhome realty will create a custom marketing plan that will be the most effective and efficient for your specific property. This means you'll never have to pay for something that will not be useful to helping your specific property sell.

get it right the first time.

In a digital age where everything goes into a permanent record, it's more important than ever to make sure your property's "market debut" is done right. Information like listing history, market time and list prices are publicly recorded online. So when your home hits the market the first time, it really needs to have everything can never undo that.

We're here to represent you throughout the entire selling process, and to make sure that your real estate transaction is a positive and profitable experience. It's our job to know about the latest market conditions and best selling strategies — so that you don't have to worry.

what you can expect from our team.

  • the right price.

    We'll do a comparable market analysis for your home and to determine the most appropriate and effective marketing price. A well-priced home is crucial to a quickly sold home, which often impacts your profit. Our market analysis takes into account the most recent sales data in your immediate area, and includes competing properties that are still on the market.

  • the right marketing.

    First, we'll stage your home (we can use your stuff!) to make sure every buyer sees your home in the best way possible. Since every home is unique, we create a custom marketing plan that will be the most efficient for your specific property. We'll advertise your home through a variety of methods, beyond just MLS® listings. Most importantly, we'll make sure your home has an exceptional online presence, with high quality photo tours and individual pages on all major real estate sites.

  • amazing management.

    When we start bringing in buyers, we'll manage showings to meet your schedule 7 days a week. You'll be notified of every showing, and we'll give you buyer feedback reports so you can stay informed on what buyers are saying about their experience in your home.

  • peace of mind.

    We're here for you every step of the way. We'll help you understand contract contingencies and the transaction process, so you stay informed the entire time and make educated decisions regarding your sale. As your professionals, we'll oversee all paperwork related to the sale.

  • an awesome deal.

    We specialize in efficient, high-tech and streamlined service, with our customized marketing plans ensuring you're never paying for something that isn't designed to help your specific property sell. And when you start to get offers, we'll represent you during the negotiating process and ensure that you get the best possible price and favorable closing terms. We have agents ready to assist in your local market — take advantage of our expertise and careful planning maximize your profits.

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