These are the 3 Hottest Home Trends for 2021 According to Experts

bedroom decorated with bookshelves and art with bed lamps and plants
Jewel-toned colors are expected to be on trend.

Designers and Real Estate experts are weighing in on what will be in, and what buyers are bored of seeing, as we move in to 2021. Hint: it's going to be a lot different.

1. Color Trends

For a long time now, we've seen home colors shift from neutral beige to neutral grays, with white-and-gold combos making their way into the mix. Things are about to change in 2021: get ready for bolder colors.
Professional interior designers spoke to 1stDibs, a design marketplace, and announced that jewel tones and warm earth tones will be the hottest color trends of 2021, with an emphasis on cozier hues. This includes a special emphasis on earth-colored tones of emerald green and cobalt blue. Burnt orange, mustard yellow and white are also on the top of this list, signaling a move to bolder, yet comforting colors that come from nature.

Houston-based A-List designer J. Randall Powers agrees: “While neutral tones always seem to play most popular, I have seen a big move and nods of ‘yes, please’ to stronger colors" (Elle Decor, Dec 22, 2020).

2. Kitchen Trends

Kitchen trends for 2021 are about to change too. Gone are the days of all-white kitchens and typical closed-off cabinets - Real Estate experts are now saying that buyers are tired of these trends, having seen them everywhere over and over again. Instead, get ready for the bold color trends of 2021 to make their way into kitchen designs, plus much more open-shelving. Buyers are drawn to simple, minimalistic designs that are practical and flexible

kitchen with blue cabinets and wooden counters and open shelving
Kitchens are moving towards jewel-toned cabinets and open shelving.

Part of the changes stem from the kitchen's role in the home changing over time. In the past, the kitchen has been more closed-off cooking spaces. Now, it's becoming more open as a center for entertainment, hosting and just hanging out. We'll likely see a trend of bigger islands and more open concepts.

3. Furniture Trends

Furniture trends will follow the warm, cozy direction that the color trends are taking us. Design experts agree that we'll see the same shift in colors with furniture trends as we will in overall paint and kitchen colors. More importantly, we'll see a huge emphasis on entertaining and hanging out in the home. We're talking about lots of seating areas, large entertainment spaces and cozy, comfy set-ups. A-List designer Mark Cunningham sums it up as all about comfort, usability, and functionality.

living room with wooden accents with burning fireplace tv screen and large couch
Warm, cozy entertainment set-ups with lots of seating areas will be trending.


2021 will be all about warm, cozy, natural tones with a bit more pop than we've been used to. It's focused on appreciating your home as your go-to space, and keeping in mind the people you spend time with there. And for that, we're all about it.

Written by Joanna Sokolowski
Source: Elle Decore; Apartment Therapy; kitchn

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