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understanding home inspections: what buyers and sellers need to know.

Home inspections are a vital component that can influence the outcome of your real estate transaction. It's important to get an idea of what goes into the process and what to expect from a buyer's and seller's standpoint. Read on to learn more about how to be prepared for an inspection and what occurs after.

the purpose of a home inspection.

So, why are home inspections conducted? For buyers, a home inspection is an opportunity to assess the property's condition thoroughly. This process helps identify potential issues, both major and minor, which can influence the buying decision and negotiations. 

the home inspector's role.

Home inspections are typically conducted by…

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how to prep your home for the fall

Fall has arrived in Chicagoland, and we are here for it! Read our 10 tips for what to do this fall to get your home ready for the season.

1. clean + cover your outdoor patio/furniture.

We know - it's still nice to have a fall bonfire or two before you start wrapping up. We recommend to at least start cleaning early, so when the chilly weather comes in for good and it's time to put the covers on you're not overworked. Try to cover up all the furniture so it stays well maintained when the cold weather and rain hits.

2. check the roof.

Your roof may show no signs of problem all summer; then, when snow starts collecting suddenly you see a leak! Give your roof an overall checkup to make sure you won't run…

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