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what will make a good agent in 2022 

With pandemic career shifts and a booming market throughout 2020 and 2021, a huge number of new agents have entered the real estate world. With predicted market normalization in 2022, we're looking at a less craziness left and right. So what will make an agent stand out — or really be the best choice for you — in 2022?

1. consistent training + knowledge.

The market has been changing like crazy since the pandemic started. Virtual showings, fluctuating rates, changing market predictions in all directions and more are moving so rapidly that relying on experience alone is no longer an option in 2022. A good, top-level agent must stay on top of market knowledge more than ever to be the better choice.


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2022 housing market outlook

2021 was another extremely strong year in real estate. We saw one biggest booms in sales volume and prices in the last decade just keep getting stronger and stronger.

So what will 2022 hold? Are we headed for a crash, or will this keep going? Here's what experts are predicting.


Despite the price bubble being the highest we've seen in over 10 years, most economist are predicting continued (albeit slower) increases that head towards stability. National Association or REALTORS chief economist Lawrence Yun says prices will rise another 5.7% above 2021’s already high numbers, with inflation alone accounting for a 4% increase. The rising prices will make housing affordability a continued issue, despite already…

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Festive season has arrived to Chicagoland! If you're looking to spruce up your little corner of the world, here are 5 tips for how to actually enjoy yourself and the decor, all in one.

#1. don't do it all at once.

We know - it's so tempting to make decorating a quick one-and-done marathon. But it's a lot of pressure to do it all in one day and honestly, it can get overwhelming. So take a breath and space it out. Remember it's a time to have fun -- give yourself a couple weeks and just see how much more enjoyable it is to see each space come to life one at a time!

#2. pick warm days for the outdoors.

If you're doing any outdoor decorating, don't always just plan to "get it done over the weekend." It could just end up being the coldest day…

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