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5 things that will help your home sell

If your home stands out (in a good way), it attracts more buyers, gets more traffic, and that typically results in more interest, more offers and a higher end sale. It's important to make sure your home is truly ready for a home sale, to make the most of its market debut and get more buyers to fall in love with it. And while we generally don't recommend any major projects (exceptions abide - ask an arhome agent for the most profitable approach), the good news is there's a lot that you can control when it comes to making your home above-average. 

Here are some uncommon ways that actually make a big difference in your home sale.

#1. avoid "fake staging"

We don't mean to avoid staging in general - staging is an amazing, powerful tool if used correctly and tactfully. But sometimes you can go overboard with it. Little displays or signs for the buyers, treats, or other obvious for-buyers-only displays will send the "for sale" message more than they will send the "picture yourself in this home" message. Avoid making your home appear like you're luring buyers in, like there's many people traveling through the home, or simply highlighting that the house is "trying to sell." Staging should be well-planned, but mimic a real home. Our staging experts can help you do that right.

#2. actually remember curb appeal

Curb appeal is one of those obvious checklist items that somehow gets overlooked in the end. Of course, it's important to focus on the interior of your home - but first you need to make a home shopper want to come inside. Not only that, but when a potential buyer pulls up to your home, it's the very first impression they will get - that walk to your front door. Are you proud of it? Is it tidy, cleaned up, well-kept? First impressions stick, and whatever they see outside will stay with them as they walk through the rest of your home.

Don't overlook it. But if you plan to do any sprucing up (especially if it will cost you anything), make sure to ask us for the right advice on what will give you a good return.

#3. declutter the right way

Seems obvious enough? Maybe not. When we live in our homes, certain things in certain places feel normal (they should!). But setting up your home for a good sale is a completely different situation. What may seem like an organized home to you, for your daily living, will not translate the same way to a potential buyer who knows nothing about your life. For best results (the kind that get your home sold for the highest price), we really do recommend talking to an agent to give you an objective for-sale organization plan. You may be surprised at what what can stay and what needs to be removed for showings. Our agents will give you a professional perspective from the eyes of a buyer (trust us, we work with buyers all the time too). Your home will stand out from others that don't have this taken care of the right way.

#3. neutralize smells even if you don't think they are bad

Smells can be very personal and emotional to people. While this can be great if you happen to score the right smell, the odds of this happening to all your home shoppers across the board is quite unlikely. Which leaves you with the possibility of unnecessarily deterring buyers. For one, they may be unable to make themselves feel "at home" among the unfamiliar aroma. We recommend making sure your home has a fresh, neutral smell during showings - so that nothing distracts buyers from picturing themselves making your home theirs. If you're not sure what to do, ask our agents for how to navigate this.

#3. have a good attitude - it can make or break your sale

What? How does this have anything to do with your home? A lot more than you think, actually. Part of the buying process requires setting up home tours, and sometimes buyers make last minute plans, or are off schedule, or otherwise don't give you on the dot scheduling notice. A buyer's experience with trying to set up a viewing of your home will set the tone for the showing. If your schedule is very restrictive, requires lots of early notice, and the buyers have to wait a long time to hear back if you'll work with their schedule or they have to try a few times to get in, that might impact their mood or approach while viewing your home. That's one thing you don't want to be remembered for. If you resolve to stay flexible through the scheduling process, and mentally prepare yourself to keep your home show-ready as much as possible (we admit it's not that easy), you'll set a great tone for the buyers before they even step foot into your home.

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