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Home gardens are growing! As home-based, outdoor events have become a staple in today's world, homeowners are extending their homes into the outdoors and and getting creative with their open-air spaces.

Here are a few ways to upscale your outdoor garden:

1. incorporate sustainability

Sustainability is becoming one of the biggest trends as we become more educated about the earth and the environment. One way experts say to incorporate sustainability in your garden is to use native plants and include a lot of diversity that "mimics" the nature of the area you live in. Using native plants helps attract pollinators, helpful insects, birds, and butterflies - all creating a healthy ecosystem. Since these plants are already adapted to the soil and climate of their surroundings - using them in your garden will allow for less use of pesticides and chemicals. Another way to stay sustainable in your garden is by shifting away from artificial grass, as it is bad for sustainability as well as a harmful alternative to plants that would actually absorb carbon and release oxygen. As many homeowners focus more on sustainability in their gardens, more resources and education are becoming available on how to best serve the environment while still creating a beautiful garden.

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2. make your garden pet friendly

While homeowners love to have a beautiful garden, it's often difficult to have it coexist with pets. Pets can cause damage to the garden or some areas could even be dangerous for your furry friends. Some ways to help create harmony between the two are by adding larger plants to the garden. Bigger plants will take less damage than smaller more delicate ones, if by chance the dog runs through them. Another way to help avoid garden damage is by creating clear paths in your garden, as pets tend to follow these trails, rather than run and ambush through the flower beds. Also, keep in mind - dogs can often chew on plants. It's imperative to avoid any poisonous or hazardous plants in your garden so you can let the dog out with peace of mind. Another important transition is to limit the amount of herbicides and pesticides you use. Although these won't kill your pet, they can cause some unwanted symptoms. There are multiple adjustments to keep in mind while you bring your pets to your outdoor space. Most importantly, find ways to keep your furry ones safe and healthy while enjoying the outdoors with you.

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3. build in some entertainment

As homeowners return to regular socializing, their outdoor garden are proving to be the perfect backdrop to al fresco entertainment. The trend is to create outdoor gardens that function as "rooms." These spaces often include grills, pizza ovens, fireplaces and furniture. More people are adding fun couches with built-in illumination, fans, water misters, string lights, ping-pong tables, and more.

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4. create a work from home space

While we're shifting entertaining outdoors, why not move our desk there too! One of the ways to create a functional yet beautiful workspace is with an outdoor garden view. For some, this looks like adding outdoor wifi-boosters, electrical outlets, and outdoor desks. Others take the route of creating a more structured outdoor space with a roof, lights, and fans for extra comfort. For those who end up working indoors due to weather restraints, many have become fond of adding bird feeders to the garden where they can see the birds while working.

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5. set aside a space for wellness

As life continues to be busy, some find that creating a quiet space in nature is very helpful for their wellness. Some gardens include smooth walking paths, quiet zones, and string lights for nighttime R&R. These wellness gardens can take many forms such as an exercise space, an organic garden, or a place for aromatherapy. A fun way to create a scented garden for aromatherapy is by planting chamomile, lavender, and rosemary.

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6. show off your personality

Gardens are becoming a lot more intricate and unique as people are adding more than just plants. Some have included personalized touches such as pottery, art, and even momentums that share their heritage. Some make their gardens simple and clean, while others want to create a more interesting modern look, overlapping a mix of their indoor space with elements of an outdoor garden. At the end of the day - homeowners are creating the outdoor spaces tailored to their their lifestyle and needs.

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