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So you're moving! How do you move to a new home efficiently? Moving is not an easy task - especially when you have years of items stored up in your living space. However, there are ways to make the load lighter on you. A couple simple changes to your moving routine and you can save time, energy, and let's be honest - stress.

Here are 10 tips to make your next move a breeze:

1. do a closet purge

Don't go through the hassle of moving all your clothes to your new home. Try refreshing your closet - it's the perfect time to get rid of all those items you no longer use. This one task alone will make your moving load a lot lighter.

2. start scheduling donation pick-up arrangements

Once your closet purge is done - sort through the rest of your home. Get rid of what you no longer use and start donating! Do this early on so you don't need to move as many items or put them in storage.

3. don't remove items from your dressers

Easy tip - take your drawers out or keep them inside your dresser - but DON'T empty them. Transport the whole dresser in plastic wrap to save extra packing and unpacking time.

4. put your towels to good use

Worried about those extra fragile home items? Try wrapping your breakables in socks or linens. Instead of packing a box full of towels, use them as cushioning for your fragile objects.

5. use suitcases

Suitcases can really come in handy when moving. Try using the bigger luggage to pack items that are too heavy for boxes - such as books and heavy dishes. It's a lot easier to transport a suitcase than a box in some instances.

6. use color coded stickers

Get organized with a color system. Save time and stop the box labeling - instead use color coded stickers toassign a color to each room where each box belongs. This method makes the organization and unpacking a lot smoother.

7. take a photo of the back of your TV

Why are we taking photos of our tv? Don't forget about setting up your new space while you wrap up your old one. It can be difficult to jog your memory of where each wires goes where when you begin set up again in your new home. Make it easier on yourself - you already have a lot on your mind during the move.

8. pack a moving essentials bag

Moving can be a long process and can take longer than expected. You don't want to lose your key essentials in the mix of it all somewhere in a random box. Make sure to pack a bag and keep it handy with items you’ll need quick access to during your move and right after you made it to your new home.

9. try to arrange separate plans for your little ones

Making arrangements for your your little ones and your furry ones will help you stay focused and on schedule during your move. These arrangements will help speed up the moving process.

10. unpack your kitchen first

Remember to have a list of unpacking priorities.Don't try to unpack every room at once and find you have no way to make food all week because all the kitchenware is still boxed up. Start with the kitchen, then make your way to the most used rooms.

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