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What separates the homes that sell, and the homes that just can't attract that dream sale price?

The hard truth, as seen by our own experts, is that home sellers often underestimate the importance of arranging and decorating their properties to attract buyers. You'd prefer the buyers just use their imagination. You don't like the recommended set up and it's just hard to live with. But the reality is that blocking the advice of your real estate staging professional for lack of motivation or a couple weeks of inconvenience can cost a home seller thousands of dollars that should've been in your pocket - and we have stories to prove it.

how one seller made $25,000 on a piece of furniture

Let’s give an example. Our recent clients in Glenview, IL came to us for help after trying to sell their home for almost two years with no luck. Nothing seemed to be able to bring them a buyer - not even serious price drops. We walked in for an evaluation and knew what the problem was right away.  

Our seller clients, thankfully, took our staging directions and let us do the magic with one properly placed piece of furniture. The result? The home went under contract in 3 days and sold for over $25,000 more than it had been previously listed for during the seller's 2 years of trying.

(re)purposing rooms

Another important consideration is what purpose a room is serving by the furniture that's in it. What furniture you have (or don't have) in a room can completely change a buyer's perspective while walking through your home. Buyers not only like to, but need to imagine themselves moving into your home and living there - and that includes what kind of spaces and types of rooms a home offers. So arranging furniture is only part of the trick.

What kinds of rooms are in the house and how many of each kind you showcase play a huge part in the successful sale of your home. Whether you need to add, change, or remove a room plan all together is something a pro needs to evaluate for your specific market once they walk into your specific home.

does that mean I have to spend thousands on pro staging?

Staging doesn't always mean you need to buy or rent any new furniture. In fact, most of the time our agents are able to work with what you already have to rearrange it in a way that will grow your profits. If you're missing an important piece of furniture, we often have solutions for giving you a hand. And the best part is, if we work with your furniture, there's no extra costs.

We always, always suggest working with a pro, and data backs up the results - in 2020, the average home listed with a REALTOR® sold for almost $25,000 more than those sold by owner1 (isn't that a coincidence?).

Remember that with arhome, our customized seller marketing plans ensure you're never paying for a flat selling plan. We only suggest  what will specifically benefit your home sale, to save you dollars on commissions. 

Let's get you some profits.

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Written by Joanna Sokolowski
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